Lake Tahoe - Fallen Leaf Lake


We are looking for a partner to help us build several of the OpenROV kits for our work at Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake. We are currently working to reintroduce the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, the only native trout to Lake Tahoe.


The Tahoe Divers Conservancy’s (TDC) greatest strength is centered on a grassroots, community-based focus,and it’s ability to advocate for the protection of Lake Tahoe and other marine environments of the Sierra Nevada. The marine environment is the most neglected ecosystems in the Sierra Nevada.

Most people may never experience the underwater world in marine environments but our divers play and work in marine environments all year around. Divers see first hand the garbage, pollution, and near-shore destruction.

The mission of the TDC is to document, study, investigate and conserve the complex marine environment that defines Lake Tahoe. Data collected by divers is utilized by numerous agencies in their planning efforts.Image%204.jpg

We are currently using a Video Ray borrowed from the University but the resolution of the camera is very low. We hooked a GoPro to it but are limited by battery time. The OpenROV looks like a great tool for us to use but our small minds (shrunk from diving in Lake Tahoe) can't handle the build process. We can raise money through some raffles for cost to build it but need HELP!

We can trade Patagonia gear (one of our sponsors) for help with building one of these great ROV's.



Hey Phil,
Thanks for the post. This sounds really interesting. What's the timeline for the project? Next few months? Next summer?


The project is scheduled through 2015. We are working in Fallen Leaf Lake first to a depth of 500' then will move to Lake Tahoe to over a 1000'. We dive year around and plow the access road into Fallen Leaf Lake so that we can make observations of the population in winter. We are also working on dating and mapping the submerged ancient forests that date back to the mega-droughts several thousand years ago. We also installed a real-time weather station through the University (530-543-0649) and have a working barge to fabricate structures as needed.

We would like to start filming this winter with the OpenROV if possible.