Lake Tahoe Dive - Sunken Sailboat


One of the videos from a dive in Lake Tahoe this weekend. We'll have more videos and a longer debrief coming later this week.


There are so many amazing things to see at the bottom of the ocean or lake.


I got home last night, pretty psyched by my visit to OpenROV and watched a special about the Bermuda triangle and how they've found that the North Atlantic Gyre, when it funnels through the Florida keys, has enough force to push many sinking vessels hundreds of miles north and east of their original location, accounting for the many strange disappearances of vessels and lack of wreckage at or near their last locations. Think about AUV'ing an OpenROV with enough on-board juice to sink to a predefined depth, travel (i.e. drift) and log a leg of the Gyre and then resurface. Current tracking buoys exist and there are plenty of AUVs that do this type of thing, but has anyone done this around Bermuda? and more to the point, with an OpenROV? I don't think so...


Great video look forward to some more from the lake testing. Nice to have clear water to dive in and the sail boat makes it even more fun.