Lake Baikal ROV exploration. OpenROV to explore depth of 1640m



Hello OpenROV community! We want to explore lake Baikal with ROVs. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. Maximum depth is ~1640 meters. So it’s challenging… We need OpenROV like technology (the very idea, software library etc.) supplemented with hardware capable to withstand the pressure. The lake does have a lot to offer. So, how should we proceed? - is our attempt to get serious about the thing.


I would start by getting a commercial ROV. You will probably spend more time and money crushing equipment than a purpose built ROV would cost in total.

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Thanks for the relevant reply! Our idea is to create a small fleet of ROVs ready to do the job. So we do need robust solutions here. The last thing we want to do is to reinvent the wheel or get mired in complex software/hardware issues. OpenROV could be the right solution at smaller depths though.


Who knows?..