Kit is v2.5 is there a v2.6 in the works


Just wondering if there is a v2.6 in the works and if so, any thoughts on when a v2.6 kit would be released? Also, anyone know when the IMU/depth modules will be available again?


Hey Bob,

Yeah- we're going to start shipping kits again toward the end of this month/ beginning of next month (we actually ran out of stock already!) Since we're doing another batch order, we decided to incorporate some changes based on testing and feedback on 2.5, and we're calling the new revision 2.6. The main changes are endcaps that seal better, a slightly different internal structure, and a controller board that accepts the new version of Tenda Homeplug adapter (they changed the pin configuration recently). Also, we're going to tinker with the assembly procedure a bit to make things easier for people to do/ less likely to make mistakes on.

The IMU/Depth Modules should also be ready to ship around the same time as this next batch: late Jan/ early Feb.. perhaps even sooner.

As always, we're very interested in continued feedback from people on how we can make the kits better. Please share your thoughts!



Thank you for your quick response. My Sons and Grandsons and I will be buying a kit when they are available. We have formed a family underwater explorer's club that will be centered around building and exploring with the kit. Mostly fresh water. Sounds like a great opportunity for learning and fun


That's awesome! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Please write a post about the adventures you end up planning with it when the time comes around- we love hearing about that stuff!



Hello Eric,

We are just finishing assembly of our v.2.5. I somehow missed discussions about issues with endcaps leaking. What will the endcap design be for 2.6 (two orings?).