JXD Controller sticks reversed

I have recently acquired a JXD Controller and Trident lightly used and everything works fine except the stick controls on the JXD controller are reversed. When I try to go forward with the left stick the ROV goes backward and when I input backward it goes forwards. When I use the right stick to turn left or right that is reversed. The pitch inputs on the right stick are working correctly (push forward to tilt down, pull back to tilt up). When I use the touch screen controls in the cockpit app they work correctly. It seems to me that there is a setting within the JXD controller that needs to be changed and that the cockpit app is functioning properly. Does anyone know how to get into a settings menu to flip the necessary control inputs?

Thank you

Well, I figured out the issue and it was simple. The two rear propellers were installed on the wrong sides. I had thought that the touch screen input was correct but they were not. Flipped the motors and all is well!