Just wanted to share :D squid and curious fish


was really excited when I got my HD camera, have been nonstop diving, always recording. I turned around at the end of my dive and saw a squid had been following me, very cool :smiley: I’m diving at an old harbor/dock that got destroyed during a storm, will soon dive at a boat wreck as well


That was so awesome to watch!!! The way squids move through the water is almost hypnotizing. Do you know what kind of squid that was?

I’m stoked to see footage coming back from the new cameras. Seeing the underwater world in this way, gathered by people throughout the globe is something I’ve really been looking forward to. Can’t wait to see the shipwreck footage!



I have no idea what kind of squid it is :frowning: but maybe someone here on the forum knows.

im hoping to do the wreck dive in about a week.

Thanks for the support, it means a lot!


Cool video :slight_smile: Im no squid expert, but it looked a lot like a humboldt squid to me!


it certainly looks like one and matches the description, probably was attracted by the lights i had on, very cool.
thanks :smiley:


That’s awesome if it is one, because those buggers can get really huge and are very strong too! There are lots of documentaries on Youtube about the “monster squids” if you’re interested to know more about them!


been doing a bit more digging, looks to be a European squid(Loligo vulgaris) looks like the humboldt but smaller, and they come quite far up to the surface.


Hey Igardhs, can I put this up on Facebook? This is super cool and I’d love to show the rest of the folks out there?

Can I share your first name, too or should I use Igardhs?



Ofc! Share away and you can use Gard that is fine :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Where was this dive? You don’t have to be very specific, but I’m sure people will be curious.



Møre og romsdal in norway.