Just to begin


I suppose it is time for me to begin adding words to this blog, I recieved my open ROV just a few days ago, and although I am an electrical engineer by trade. I am delighted and suprised how much thought has actually gone into this product and how simple it is to build.
in three days I have moved from a beautiful (only an engineer could call a box of bits beautiful)to an almost completed poject.
I was sceptical at the claimes that this could be built in a weekend, however f you have everything to hand i dont see why not.
so… i sit here typing this blog waiting for some glue to set on my battery tubes so almost done all bar the shouting.
I have high hopes for this little unit, and still have to think of a name for it, but in the coming months I plan to put him to work and have him pushed to his limits in the North Sea (gulp). but i beleive that he is up to the job.
well that glue is dry so need to get on will update my progress as I remember to come here and update the blog :0)


Glad to hear! Excited to see video!