Just arrived and ... happily surprised


After a long time surfing on the net, it seems I've finally found, what from my point of view is, a really nice place.

This big bag of knowledge, we know as Internet, is unfortunatelly blurred by even bigger ammounts of trash.

Finding a place, where ideas and knowledge are freely shared, is always a good thing.

A well understood CURIOSITY, the need for knowledge and research are the motors of civilization.

My grandfather said .......

- Ask why, when answered, as why again and again. The only question that is worth the effort, is that last one which hasn't an answer.

Regards and congratulations for you all.

Note: I promise that my next posts will be more technical, :-)


Welcome Ion!

If you read Zero to Maker you'll discover it ain't all technical - it's the sharing that counts. That's why these folks are my new best friends.


Thanks to all of you :-)