Job Opening in Florida // Calling out to makers!


Hi OpenROV community,

A community member has reached out to us with a very exciting proposition; he is a scientist that works for NOAA, and is based out of Florida. As part of a larger goal he has in mind, one need he has is developing open source hardware that can be shared and reproduced.

If interested, you should contact him yourself, I am simply posting on his behalf!
See his description of the role below, contact info included in body of text:

We are looking for an enthusiastic maker to work with a diverse team of scientists and educators, to further develop prototype underwater sampling equipment which will be used on coral reefs to monitor ocean acidification. We need a collaborator with a diverse skill set, a designer and builder. The successful candidate will have experience with electronic components, both digital and analog circuitry, and more specifically, building circuits and programming using the Arduino IDE. They must be competent with advanced manufacturing and design, including 3D modeling, 3D printing, CNC, and laser cutting. The position will be a year long and based in Miami, where the successful applicant will have complete access and oversight over a 3D manufacturing lab, including 3D printers, CNC, 3D scanner, CNC, as well as circuit design, construction, and programming resources. We are looking for someone with strong capabilities primarily centered around open-source design, rather than highly technical engineering. Our goal is to create instruments that are accessible, so that citizens, hobbyists, and undeserved labs can build and utilize robust, high-quality scientific instruments. Should you be interested, please contact me directly at