Job Opening: Designer


We're looking for a designer.

The work will vary from creating a GUI for underwater drones (both on a screen and in VR) to packaging, identity to marketing materials. We're a small team so it's pretty wide open and exciting.

First things first. We need some identity and graphic design

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Sounds like fun! I am working on an ROV project myself, using C++ (mainly with Qt). I’ve also been thinking of GUI design…

It’s a complicated subject!



Hi David,

I saw your presentation at the San Diego Zoo last November during the Tech to Reconnect event. Love the DIY movement that OpenROV has created for sea exploration. We spoke briefly afterwards about graphic design opportunities.

I’ve attached my resume with work history and skill knowledge along with a link to my website below. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you for your time!


Charles_Andrew_Seaton_CV.pdf (471.8 KB)



I’m finishing up a M.S. in Robotics from Oregon State this summer and am looking for positions with DIY startups such as yours. My strengths include marine robotics, wave energy, and model predictive control. I worked with openROV a good amount while at OSU and would love to talk more about any sort of work available.

I’m attaching a link to my website where you can find my work experience, research, and resume:

Also, here’s a direct link to my resume:

I’m a big fan of your company and I hope we can talk a bit more in the near future. Thanks for your time,



Hi David,

I sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago. Just wanted to make sure you received it?



Hi David
We’ve just finished our 2.8 OpenROV (my partner Maggie and I) and done 2 dives. The second, yesterday, was a blast, diving a local wreck. I’ve posted the video in the forum.

I saw this post and, although there will be many applicants, keener, younger, more energetic than I, (now 60), I thought I may be of some help at some stage.

I am currently working as a contractor for a small medical company in the UK, doing analog and digital design, prototype PCB layout and fab. and mainly LabVIEW programming. We are re-designing a device for measuring intra-cranial pressure non invasively, through the eardrum. It is an exquisitively sensitive pressure measurement, using capacitive changes across a microphone diaphragm. (We can measure 1 foot altitude change on the bench). As a result, infrasound becomes a noise problem.

One of our main end users is NASA. They are, as we speak, using our equipment to measure individuals on the International Space Station because of the risk of hypertension of the optic nerve

I played a large part in writing the LabVIEW GUI for the NASA project, it went up there in April and “no news is good news”, it must be working!

My specialism is visible and NIR spectroscopy, whether that’s any use underwater, I don’t know. One thing I can do, is measure haemoglobin, from a distance, so maybe one day, when robots look very much like humans, we might need to tell the difference, from a distance!

So there we are, I’m 60, a lateral thinker, without a classical scientific education, therefore not afraid to ask stupid questions that might defy the laws of physics! Available for contracts, projects, discussions, and very flexible.

Thank you so far for all the adrenaline (most of it good, some of it scaredyness). This is a hobby that’s going to run and run and run.

Best regards