Jellyfish Part I


While I was waiting for the kit to arrive I was too excited. So I did some experiments with webcams in mineral oil.

I looked but did not find any reference to webcams being placed directly in mineral oil. So I grabbed the webcam sitting on my monitor, stripped it down and plunked it into a chessex dice box filled with the oil:

This is the before picture. Me looking super excited!


Oh No! Air bubble!

Removed the air bubble, now Focusing...


The line down my face is from the corner of the dice box, not from sadness.

The quality looks worse, but, the light has to travel, from the open air, through a plastic box at a 45 degree, through the oil, through the lens, through more oil into the sensor.

The change from atmosphere to oil might distort the picture some, but the real villain is the plastic box which is not as clear as it looks. (plus the 45 degree makes it worse).

With this initial success I became very ambitious and initiated Project JellyFish!

My plan was to make a ziplock baggie webcam that could travel survive as deep as our oceans get.