I've made a BIG misstake


I did a major misstake, I forgot to include the tether cable when I sealed up my endcaps. Is there by an chance anyone else that has made this misstake and have a good solution on how to solve it?

My first thoughts is to maybe drill a hole through the endcape and mill a "trench" through the blue V-shape along where the wires goes and then seal it all up again with epoxy?

Please help me OpenROV-forum, you're my only hope!

Example of were to drill:

Example of where to mill:

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hey Erik!
Oh man! Eric did this once on one of the ROVs we were assembling and I still give him a hard time about it.

Yes, drilling a hole and filling that with epoxy should work. I'll wait for Eric to chime in here as well.



Is it important that the tether cable is milled in to the blue V-shape as well or will it work to just glue it to the outside following the same direction as the cables inside? If you get what I mean.



Don't fret! As David mentioned, I've done the same thing... twice!

Okay- drilling the whole will work but it can be a bit messy with regard to wire routing.

Instead, here's my trick:

You have four wires (two from each battery pack) passing through the end cap to deliver power to the ROV. The wires are 18AWG so just two wires should be able to handle the current from both packs. If you splice the wires so that both packs are put in parallel outside the tube (I like to do the splice somewhere that will end up in the yellow sheathing so no one sees) you can use the other two for the tether.

Here's an awesome drawing I just did (apparently with with my left hand while blindfolded) in MS Paint showing what I'm talking about:

After you do the splice, you'll want to coat the solder junctions with several coats of liquid electrical tape (just like you did for the motors) and then cover that with heat shrink to keep the liquid electrical tape from wearing off with fatigue. You'll also need to rewire how things are connected to the molex connector. Here's a photo of how I rewired things for (one of) the ROVs I screwed up.

Let us know if this works out, and good luck!!



Thank you very much, I do like your nice paintings :) It's a neat solution but unfortunatly I have one of the kickstarter 2.3 versions of the OpenROV so my battery packs are in series and not in parallel so I only have 2 cables going in to the electronics tube. One posetive and one negative. The connection between the packs are done on the outside...

Here's a picture showing what I mean: