Issue regarding running out of Analog ports on the Arduino


I heard "we have no more analog ports" again @ the build day and asked about it. I want to make sure I get this right as Eric was pretty cut and dry with the Beagle is only a computer and all digital. Yet... those ADC features look rather analog to me. Clarification anyone?


i think Eric meant on the arduino. Eric's main goal seem to be able to handle hardware things on the arduino, and i totally agree with him. this is be easiest way for the users to get a system up and running fast.

but as a small fix to get more adc connections for general use(on the arduino), we could reroute the standard(3.3V,5V,Vbat and I-sense) measurements to the BB adc in example. we need some extra resistors to handle the 1.8V input on the BB

On systems like remzibi osd that are commonly used on FPV setups they have a user-configurable setup for the ADC inputs:

For me that does not know a single line of coding, i would need features like this to handle sensors i would ad to the rov.