Issue connecting OpenRov2.8 to Windows7 pc



Hi everybody,
I’m from Italy and I’m experiencing an issue while connecting my OpenRov to two Windows7 PCs.
I set the IPv4 Address to and the subnet mask to following the manual instructions.
I also have the last Chrome version but the ROV cockpit doesn’t load even after I renamed the Network to “OpenROV”.
I also tried a few attempts with Windows8 and 10 and I encountered no problems.
Are there any issue with some Windows7 versions compatibility or is it just me missing some steps?


I am by no means any expert on this but I might be able to help you through some step by step while you wait for a knowledgeable response from the staff.

1 Are you getting 5vdc to the ROV? When you plug in the USB adapter does it run through the start up tones?
2 I have found that it takes 2-3 minutes for my ROV to run through the full start up and get ready to connect to the computer. ( I built a hybrid and use a non-standard camera. The camera I use has a light on it that illuminates when the ROV is ready to connect so I know when I should expect a connection)
3 Make sure you are using the correct web address on your Chrome screen. The cockpit is located at ""
4 If this does not work, please post any error messages you get.
Hope this will help while you wait for support to respond.


Are you using the “Stable” (30.0.3) version of Cockpit or are you using the “Developer” (31.0.0 RC4) version?


It is connected with all 3 leds lit up,I have waited more than 10 minutes but it did not helped,the light on the front began flashing but the cockpit simply doesn’t load on Win7 (it does on Win10).
I’m using the address as said on the instructoion manual: (not
I don’t get any error message,it doesn’t load the cockpit and Chrome shows a message but it’s the default message when the server is not responding.
I don’t get any error message but that.


It’s the 30.0.3 stable.