Issue Connecting OpenROV 2.8 to Laptop


Hi everyone, I’m assembling an OpenROV 2.8 as part of the Aquarius Project, which is a search for a Meteorite that fell into Lake Michigan in February of 2017. The ROV will be used to survey the Meteorite strewn field ahead of a sled which will be used to retrieve the fragments. Recently I’ve had some issues connecting the ROV to my laptop. I’ve also posted this on OpenROV Answers, so I’ll say what I said over there.
Currently near the end of the ROV assembly, but when it came time to turn connect the ROV to a computer for the first time to see if everything works, I am unable to connect to Cockpit. When I connect the ROV to my laptop, it initially powers on, but I am unable to connect to it. The Power light lights up Green, the Homeplug Connect and Ethernet Connect lights light up orange, and the ROV lights up and makes a series of beeps. But before long, the homeplug light goes out, the ROV headlights begin periodically flashing, and at no point am I able to access cockpit . When I attempt to ping the ROV at, it always times out. Additionally, when I unplug the USB from the Laptop, a number of the lights on the ROV stay on. Also ran a windows diagnostic to test the connection to and it gave the response: “Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( is not responding” I have raised a support ticket, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post over here in case someone else experienced the same issue and found a solution.



I assume that you have configured the IP address of your laptop to be or something other than 1?

Did you burn your own SD card with the Cockpit software, buy it from OROV or did it come with your OROV2.8 kit?

The OROV headlights periodically flashing means that the Cockpit software is not sensing a connection with your laptop.

Are the blue leds on the BBB strobing back and forth indicating that the BBB has gone through the boot-up process?



Yes, I’ve made sure my IP address is different to the ROV, I burned my own SD Card with the Cockpit software, and the blue lights on the BBB were strobing back and forth.



Then this sounds like a communication failure between the two Tenda modules or an issue with the topside Interface Board since the OROV headlight LEDs are flashing periodically.

In normal operation, after the Controller Board has booted up, the green LED should be solid, the center orange LED (Homeplug Connect) on the topside Interface Board should be blinking indicating that it is communicating with the Controller Board and the orange Ethernet Connect LED should be solid.

You might try a continuity check on the tether pair to ensure that you have continuity on both wires.