Is there battery drain when computer is disconnected?


Title says it all. When the USB and Ethernet cables are disconnected, is there any power drain from the OpenROV batteries? Is it necessary to open the battery tubes if not used for a few hours?


i d like to know too.
thxx for asking this question


No, there’s no significant drain on the batteries. They can be left in the tubes between dives, even if the dives are months apart. But I would get into the habit of charging the batteries after returning from a dive, then putting the freshly charged batteries back into the tubes. That way the ROV is ready-to-go the next time you need it, and it gets you in the habit of examining the ROV carefully when you get back from a dive.



Thanks for that. I was just worried about too many charge cycles on partially depleted batteries, although I suppose the last thing you need is a dead ROV because the batteries weren’t full!