Is there a post somewhere that covers wiring up the final cape in the kit?


It appears the first steps on the wiki with wiring up power have changed with the final cape. Is their a post or video update somewhere discussing what needs to be wired up and how? I'll check the schematics on github next...



This needs better documentation, for sure. Here are the schematics:

We'll update the wiki this week, too.


I’ve drawn the first schematics for the OpenRov. I’ve sent it to Eric for check/approval, and it will be put on the site soon.


Thanks Thomas! If you send to me, I’ll get it up ASAP. Also, I’ll set you up to be able to freely edit the wiki


Cool. I'll keep an eye out for it.


Mail sent ;-)


Its now out on github:


The schematics help a ton. If someone can put photos together of an ROV that show things wired up that would help as well. I think back to the video’s where statements like “we are still trying to figure out how we might mount this…”. Some photos would perhaps fill in some of those blanks.


Good call. I'll put something together.


I am about a week from from coming back home and starting my build I will commit to puttin up a build log.