Is there a better way to attach the tether to the Tenda adapter?


I’m finding that the clips on the Tenda are brittle and frequently lose and break the wires of the tether.

Is there a drawback to permanently attaching the Tenda to the tether?

Has anyone soldered it, or is there another method that works better?


Simplest solution: I stripped the buoyant covering from the tether for about 4 inches and taped it to the cover box, wrapping a little more around the box twice to alleviate pressure.


Hi @rdbiv:

Yes, there’s certainly a better way to attach the tether. The problem is, no two people can agree on what that might be!

The tether definitely requires some sort of strain relief- as you have found out, without strain relief the tether wires will break at the connector. I have always done something similar to what you pictured- I wrap the tether once around the topside box, and use some electrical tape to keep the wire in place.

If you experiment with some other ways of making the topside box, please share some photos of what you come up with!



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