Is the Trident powered via the tether cable?



Will the new Trident be powered via the tether cable like the Fotokite does?


From OpenROV Founder Eric Stackpole:

“For the 2-series, the batteries are charged by removing them and putting them in an external charger. Trident’s batteries are integrated with the vehicle and the charging system is built in. The details of the design are still being worked out, but it will likely involve just plugging a connector into the vehicle where the tether port is. Thanks for the question!”



I am also very interested in the tether connector, powering Trident, charging batteries and sharing power between Trident and external payloads.

I don’t yet know the full technical specifications however from what I have been told and what is written on the openROV site, ( Trident is powered by internal batteries that also provide power to the topside transponder.