Is the Battery Pod material important?


I've been rebuilding a poorly made OpenROV and have come to replacing the pods - The BOM states that the tubes are PETG. While this is easily available in an awkward 6ft size from McMaster, I can get Acrylic tubes with the correct diameters locally for much less (and cut to size)

Is there any particular reason to use PETG? Is it more purpose appropriate in some way?


From @zack:


Acrylic hasn’t been tested to the same depth as we have tested the petg. I suspect that you will be able to get similar performance from the acrylic but I can’t guarantee it will go full 80/90 meters. The good news is that a battery tube failure isn’t as serious as the main tube.

Just make sure to check the for the o-ring fit. The diameters of plastic tubs vary greatly from the ratings. The best thing for it is to increase or decrease the diameter of the oring gland part (smaller disc) on the forward battery time end cap once you have checked the fit.

Good luck, Zack