Is 14.4V fine to use instead of 12V?



Would it be ok to use 14.4V to power the ROV instead of 12V? I ask because there are many affordable 14.4 cordless drills out there. Would be nice just to use one of their battery packs and chargers. Sure, it's not as efficient as using 12V directly, but for simplicity of using straight off the shelf components would be nice.

Seems like cordless drill battery packs would also supply enough amperage, I hope :) Also, could run them in parallel if needed.



For the Cape - yes, for the default motors and speedcontrollers - No

the 18A hobbyking speedcontroller can take up to approx 12V.

The motors would handle it to a certain point, but its not recommended.

From my own experience the batteries in affordable cordless drills are very poor. the batteries fail quickly and they often never deliver their rated amperage.

To comparison a battery pack & charger from a good drill vendor is probably more expensive than buying quality battery cells/packs and charger from a RC hobby store.

I'm probably going to use one or two 3S LiPo pack with 11.1V/5000mAh rating(12.6V fully charged) and i already have a imax B6-AC (

This charger can also charge NiMh cells that you get in the C-size the battery tubes are designed for.


I wonder what the functional range of the DCVoltage converter is on the 2.5 board is. Because the batteries we use start at about 13V and work down to 10V or so before running empty.


the onboard regulator is a lm25011, its rated to 6-40V so it shouldnt be any problems with your voltage area.