iPhone/iPad App



I am an iPhone app developer, and I was wondering if an app is in progress. I would be happy to help write an app on Github!

For the app, a few basic questions need to be answered.

1) How is the ROV controlled? Is it in the browser, or in an alternate program?

2) How is video delivered?


Ahan Malhotra



Hi Ahan,

The problem I see for a mobile app is, communication.

So far, the ROV communicates by ethernet to the topside computer, basically the BeagleBone computer in the ROV and the topside PC being in a network with only 2 peers. If you wan't to use an iPhone/iPad you would have to find a way to connect it to the wired network. One way would be to connect the wire from the ROV to a WLAN access point. The iPhone then would connect to the WLAN and you can connect to the ROV.

One thing you have to keep in mind is a power source. If you want to use your ROV dive into a cave or research a new dive site, you ususally don't have a 110/240V wall plug somewhere.

Although, the thought of an app on a mobile would be awesome!




The ROV hosts its entire interface via onbord computer that acts as a web server. Our goal is to ultimately make the ROVs controllable from anywhere on the internet (not just direct ad-hoc). If the ROV could connect directly to a wireless router, and that router could relay the interface via WiFi, it seems that using a mobile devise like a phone or tablet would be no problem! We're also looking into making GUI interfaces for the ROV modifiable, so that would be a fun topic to explore as well when considering use through mobile devises.


Is it possible to connect the ROV to a battery powered wireless router?

Here is one I found online: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833704138&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords--pla--NA-_-NA



Seems like that would work! Also, many routers are powered from 12v, so one could probably power a router off a gel-cell battery or something like that too.



I am also interested to help out in order to develop a mobile app or html5 mobile-friendly version of the current interface. I am more experienced in Java/C# but also worked with Blackberry JDK, Nokia SDK, Android, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, .NET, (Soap based, Axis2)Web Services,WCF,VB,Assembly, C/C++, Verilog HDL and very limited experience with Objective C/Sotryboard...

I am down to join a group to develop a mobile friendly interface for the ROV.. no real preference on which targeted devices will be chosen or technologies, prefer to take consideration cost, efficiency

Let me know if anyone is interested...

You can contact me via cchaptini@gmail.com

I still need to start building my own version of openROV to understand all the different layers.. i have a very vague understanding so far... I will be starting that after im done with my current PADI cert...

BTW, I can see the connection between the phone and the rov implemented a million way, since the PC has exposure to the remote web server that controls the ROV, then this could be setup many ways... I think the most efficient way with least amounts of layers to reach the Web Server exposed should be the way to go... might also be useful to have multiple approaches to compare (cost,speed) and a wiki online to follow code progress...

Also, not sure a router would be a good idea why adding another layer of hardware in between unless there is some benefit that i fail to see. definitely direct connection could be established.. most modern phone are capable of tethering and connecting to a pc..


The thing is that the ROV cannot communicate directly and need an ethernet cable coming out of the surface, so probably a wifi router connected to the tether cable. And from there iPads, iPhone and whatever can communicate to the embedded server.

At the moment communication is done via socket.io (web-socket or polling depending on the client), and the protocol is quite easy (basically it's a go left, right, up/down).

I think a HTML5 mobile app is more than enough for the moment :)