Ipad control, again



I am finalizing my kit, and have studied most of the topics in the forum.
A couple of threads were about iPad control and my question is if this will work better with the newest software image…?
I have a iPad around and it would be convenient to use it, if possible with Bluetooth game pad or keyboard…

I have some friends with arduiono experience, so even programming additions would be possible…

Thanks in advance!



Hooking up to the ROV isn’t really any different from hooking up to, say, this website, since the software is really just a swebsite (SPA) sitting on a webserver (the beaglebone); so it should have ipad capabilities out of the box. You would have to conect the surface conection box to a wifi router or AP though. I got one of those battery routers at amazon for about 40 euros, and the idea was to conect the tether reel to the router and a battery bank and the be completely wireless. Havn’t had time to test it in real life though.


The touchscreen plugin component of the software hasn’t been updated for a while. It was not fully operational when I tested 30.0.3-jessie.204.531 on a Samsung tablet running chrome as the browser. It should be possible to run the cockpit with a keyboard / mouse or controller. Or running an earlier build and using the touchscreen plugin is an option too.

With regards to the Wifi AP and battery bank I have tested this in real life and it works well. Using a USB to Ethernet converter is also an option if you don’t want to go wireless.


Yes the wireless option and the browser functionality are clear, and should work.
My major concern is the use of a keyboard, joypad … Because fiddling around on a touchpad will not be that easy to control the rov…especially if everything gets wet…

I thought the moment a “mobile” browser is detected the keyboard etc… will not work.
If there is nobody that actually used this setup, I have to try it myself.




You can try the “request desktop site” feature in chrome to avoid this problem. You also may need to map the keys with a Bluetooth keyboard or joypad. There are instructions on how to do this in this post; Feature: Change default keyboard control to be more like FPS games


Thank you Brendan!

I wasn´t aware of “request desktop site”… also available in Safari…
I will try and report my findings.

The only feature missing is a gamepad.
I thought maybe someone in the Forum is using one in combination with an iPad.
Any recommendations?