Hi, everyone, my name is Shawn Brooks.

I am the Dive Team Leader for the Bullhead City Police Department, In Bullhead City, Az. I am a current SDI/TDI/ERDI Scuba Instructor.

I joined OPENROV, at this seemed like the best forum to learn the most about ROVs.

We currently have a Titan Cove Ltd, S II ROV. The unit is complete, but the camera has a barely visible picture, and the lights are out. I'm not even sure if it's water tight as the stories that I've been told, it has flooded every time its been in the water. (I plan to check that at training next week.) It works sitting on the driveway.

Anyone with experience with this unit, I would love to hear from you.

Any way, IF the unit is water tight, I plan to crack it open and replace the camera, and that's where I'm gonna start running into trouble. Plain and simple I'm not much of a mechanic, or computer programmer, good cop, just not good at the things that are gonna be needed for this project to flourish. I guess we'll see.

Any way thank you for accepting me and all of the stupid questions that are gonna start getting asked.