Hi to all ,

I go by Evilmacaw i have been working with/around ROV`s since the 1980`s . I am a former Commercial diver air ,gas and saturation diving. I worked for Sonat Subsea the company contracted to recover every single piece of the STS -51-L Challenger , a sad duty to say the least !!

I have had face to face meetings with Graham Hawkes ,Phil Newton and Bob Ballard among many other designers of ROV`s over the years . I track every new development in ROV design and remember all the old ones .I am here to help ,i live land locked these days(in a swamp) but the mind is still sharp .

Do Not take this the wrong way Open ROV is an iteration of the original `80`s Outland Technologies first micro ROV design, if i dig around in my library i can most likely come up with the original sales tech sheet for it .

I applaud the resurrection of the simple but efficient design after all these years and the cost effective kit that is being offered (the original cost $1400 way back when ) sadly i will never be able to afford to build one even for the relative small money the kit costs due to my economic situation but it does not mean i can not help !!

Just scanning the forums here show me i can offer suggestions that will assist with this Very Cool little guy i know many have a higher background in electronics than i which is Good because i know solutions to many of the issues that have been posted but lack the knowledge to build them (pressure housing them No Problem but the guts problem !) .

What say you all , am i "in" or out ?