Introducing the OpenROV Adventure Set


We are happy to announce our first bundle package on our webstore: The Adventure Set. First time users usually want to know what else they need to buy with their kit. This bundle provides that answer. The set provides you with everything you need to get your ROV working, and get you out in the water exploring! Batteries and chargers to supply your ROV with power, IMU / depth module for depth and heading data, pelican case for protection when traveling, as well as replacement parts for quick fixes in the field. These are the items we recommend every adventurer should have when conducting an expedition!

Here it is in our store with all the things the bundle includes:

For those veteran explorers out there, what are things that you recommend having / things you bring when you embark on an expedition?


You definately want to add a vacuum pump and some basic tools in your kit. Also add some extra silica-gel bags, vaseline for the o-rings and so on.


Extra weights
Extra Zipties
Logitech F310 Gamepad
Extra O-rings
Needlenose pliers
Side cut pliers
Spare Topside Adapter (now I do)
Lint free cloth
Spare micro-SD card with latest image on it
Concur with the vaccum pump

Sorry, that was all stuff I cram in my backpack when I head out.


Devcon epoxy would be a great option.

I guess asking for the acrylic cement too would be a bridge too far, given that it’s tecnically “dangerous goods” for air transport… Wishful thinking!


Grease for the O-rings I agree.
One thing I think would really be required to be able to say you have all the stuff you need to start is a spool of some sort. Preferably with a slip-ring, but a spool of some sort in any case. Even if it needs to be assembled from laser cut parts.

Optional ideas:

Quick disconnect for tether
A clump weight rig/harness to remove strain from tether, with a net or something to hold the weight
A sun shield for laptop (which could be strapped to the Pelican case)
Packets of Sugru to attach things to the ROV. :D.