Introducing the Lego ROV


Last Saturday (27th June) was the inaugural Liverpool MakeFest - it was held in Liverpool Central Library, so large tanks of water were generally frowned upon :smile:

So rather than just have a desk with an ROV or Bob on it, we decided to do something a bit different. We developed a Lego ROV and ran workshops building them at the event. To say we were a bit overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for the idea would be an understatement - we ran two workshops and both were fully booked within 10 minutes of opening the bookings.

I think I can honestly say that an interest in underwater robotics (and Lego) is alive and well amongst the young (and older) makers of Liverpool, and hopefully we’ve pushed it a bit further with this event.

We’ve been asked to run more in schools and libraries after the school holidays, which should be fun…

I’ve put a few photographs and a write up over on our site if anyone is more intereted -

The Lego Iron Man ROV up and running -

We’re thinking of enhancing the basic ROV a bit (putting an Arduino on the controller and switching from micro-switches to a joystick, etc), so any ideas would be very welcome.