Introducing OpenROV 2.7


Today we're releasing OpenROV v2.7. It represents the latest in everything we've learned about building an affordable and capable underwater robot. Although the overall shape may seem similar to the previous version, almost every aspect of the ROV has been improved and upgraded. Our focus has been on increasing

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Great improvements!


Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!! So excited!


Hey guys! Nice job, it looks great! I'm glad to see you ended up switching to the AfroESCs. They work great.


Looks really good!


Hi OpenRov people:

My most sincere congratulations for the OpenRov team.

Wellcome for the new ROV "puppy" :-)



Congratulations! This looks really awesome!

BTW - which are the new motors you are using for 2.7?


Is there a description about the differences to 2.6 and upgrade paths?

We are in mid of the assembly so if we can improve now with the learnings incorporated into 2.7 that would be great.


Hi, i have started building an OpenRov V2.6 with the laser cut parts and i was short before ordering the 2.6 electronics.

Is it worth to wait and by the 2.7 electronics?

what parts of the lasercut acrylic do i have to change?

must i create a complete set of lasercut parts again?

I have all the lasercut acrylic, not glued together, the beaglebone and the homeplug-powerline adapters.





We are now using the Turnigy DST-700. Compared to the earlier 2213 motors, it has a lower Kv rating (700 vs. 800) which is a better match to the prop, the axle is threaded which allows us to directly mount the props to the axle, and the front and rear bearings are the same size which makes it nice if you want to swap out for stainless or ceramic bearings.

Hubert and Robert:

Although the 2.6 and 2.7 look the same, there are very few parts in common, so it's not really feasible to upgrade from one to the next. If you have a 2.6 and its almost fully built, I would consider upgrading the vertical propeller to the 2-bladed racing prop style as was shipped in the last batch of 2.6 kits.

One could also upgrade the internal electronics, either by using the new controller board with the existing E-chassis, or by inserting the whole 2.7 e-chassis into the 2.6 vehicle. The 2.7 e-chassis is the same overall size as the 2.6 and uses the same DB-25 connector.

We should have 2.7 controller boards in the store soon, as well as electrical and mechanical (cut files) documentation for the 2.7 design.