Interactive Oceans


This is pretty incredible...

"Recent technological advances are transforming approaches to studying, interacting with, and understanding the oceans. The historical focus on expeditionary science using ships is expanding to include a permanent human telepresence in the oceans. Among the bold new approaches are cabled ocean observatories that connect state-of-the-art instruments to high-power and high-bandwidth networks permanently installed throughout the oceans. These networks communicate nearly instantly with scientists, educators, and the public on land and carry out real-time user commands and complex pre-programmed instructions. Theselong-term observatories provide continuous and real-time local investigations of global ocean phenomena that are crucial to maintaining the habitability of the planet.

The U.S. National Science Foundation's Ocean Observatories Initiative is leading U.S. efforts to construct these long-term, cutting-edge observatories oriented to research and education."


Amazing stuff! It has been a long time in the planning phase... I eagerly await operations.

I believe this system uses bouys with fiber connections to the subsea sensors. The signals are then broadcast from the surface to sattelites. I'm not sure how vehicles will communicate with this network... I heard rumor that Woods Hole has solved the high-speed, High-bandwidth through water comms problem. Can anyone confirm this?