Installing virtualbox and mounting SD card for mac


For mac users it is non-trivial to download virtualbox and a linux distribution for it for the first time and figure out how to mount your SD card in the virtual machine so that you can extract the openROV disk image to it (the .iso is compressed with a linux-based program, so the image needs to be extracted to the SD card in a linux based system, such as Ubuntu). I did some digging about how to mount the SD card (and after a few days it worked =joy) and wanted to post the solution here.

The thread I that followed that gave a really clear set of instructions to mount the SD card after the virtual linux was installed was here .


Thanks for posting this link! We were just talking about this today. I'll make a note in the wiki.


it's not just the extraction process that has to happen on a linux, but is the actual creation of the bootable SD that has to happen over there because the partition has to be created with the correct bootloader.

We are looking into how to create the image from a windows and mac... hopefully we'll be able to create an normal img file that only needs to be copied over.