Installing a Plugin using the Developed Guide



I’m trying to create a plugin for the OpenROV Cockpit using the recommended guide, but I’m running into some issues.


I can’t find a src folder in the repository OpenROV/openrov-software that the guide says to use. Instead, I’m using the textviews.html file through the OpenROV/openrov-cockpit repository. When I try to load this testviews.html page on Chrome, I just get a blank black screen. According to the Developer’s Tools, a lot of files are not found such as those in the bower_components folder since it seems that the openrov-cockpit repository doesn’t even have a bower_components folder. I’m guessing this is why the testviews page won’t load, but what can I do to fix this?



Are you developing directly on the rov or on your computer.

If using your computer, follow this guide on setting up a development environment:

If developing on the rov directly I recommend grabbing the latest 30.0.3 pre-release that enables cloud9 for editing files via the browser.