Installation - common.gypi



I'm not that familiar with ubuntu/linux.

Right now I'm struggling with step 6 of the installation guide.

I can't find common.gypi on the whole hdd.

If I try "nvm install v0.8.11" the terminal tells me "v0.0.11 is already installed".

Any idea?

Thank you!



Here a screenshot of what I tried... Why can't I find common.gypi? I already started nautilus with root rights.

Thanks for any help!



Hi Tobi,

First, I think you refer to the installation guide here:


Second: Are you aware that we have a ready made disk image for OpenROV? There is a Linux and (since today) a Windows solution to apply the image. You find the details here:

If you wan't to install node on your own for the sake of learning (that's a very valid reason!) you want to check a couple of things:

Based on you screenshot, you're looking for the common.gypi on your host machine (you laptop or PC). That indicates that you probably try to run the steps on this machine as well. This would be wrong, you would need to do this on the BeagleBone. (You probably have node already installed on your pc, therefore the error)

Give it a try and run the steps on the BB. If you still struggle, I can guide you further.




Hi Dominik,

I also struggle with step 6, however, after reading your reply I have a simple question. I am using the ready-made image that already has the user rov with pw OpenROV. The installation guide says if you use this then you skip step 2. So therefore I am assuming that even if I use the openrov image, then steps 3 thru 14 still need to be accomplished????




The image comes with everything you need!
You don’t need to compile NodeJS or install anything!
Just put write the image onto the sd card, put it into the BB and start it.

Hope this helps!



This was exactly the same mistake I made...

Maybe you can clearify this in the instruction. It's a bit confusing, when you are not familiar with linux.

And one more hint:

I was wondering why the camera just streamd the video for about 1 second.

My mistake was that I power the BB by the PC via USB. But the USB of the PC delivers too less current (my cam needs about 250mA!). With an cellphone charger via USB it now works perfect...

Next step (for me) is to get the Adurino running.

Thanks for the help!



It helps, I had assumed it was, because the cockpit was working. Sometimes I take the instructions a bit too literal. I am brushing up on my Linux admin.... it's been a few years since I have programmed. Working in the Maritime Industry commercially has put me into a Windows "box" that I am trying to free myself from, lol.