Insta360 One x - underwater camera


I just wanted to post some initial results using the Insta360 One x camera. Feel free to click and drag the screen as the video plays to see different views. Open this is Google Chrome for best results.


@balder.matt I like the idea of having a 360 view of the runs with the Trident. How deep can that camera go underwater?



I asked in another thread, 30m with the dive housing, with 60min run time. Cool camera!


@alaskasurf Thanks! I thought I had seen this talked about before. 30 meters is OK, but I really need something that would be safe to go deep than that. Lately I’m bringing the ROV down to that depth or more so it would be at risk. I’ll shop around for something else while I think over buy an Ista360.


Not sure if you have seen them, think I mentioned it in another thread, but Benthic and Golem Gear make deep rated GoPro cases.


@alaskasurf Thanks! I’ll check the cases out.


thats cool to see. bit murky environment, showing need for good lighting… which means more battery drain.
What depth was this taken at?


Thanks! Ya, it was a little churned up that day and I’m in the Pacific NW so 15’ vis is a Good day! That was around 15-20ft deep. Here are a few more to view. I would like to get some external lights eventually. I have been pleased with the LED lights on Trident but something a little more powerful externally would be interesting. I have also been checking out some ultraviolet (UV-365) lights for night diving.

Here are a few more to view.

UV light


How did you mount this? How does this camera compare with the Go Pro 3d?
nice video!


I have a question for you balder.matt. Is the camera being controlled remotely, using the trident cable’s bandwidth? If so, can you please tell me your setup, hardware and software? I am attempting to remotely control a GoPro 7, mounted on the bottom of the Trident and controlled with a ToughPad. Curious to know how other people have sent up and run remote control. Cheers ahead for that.


The camera is not being controlled right now but I am very interested in doing that in the future. So far I have not heard of anyone who has used the Trident tether for transmission of data from outside the hull. I know this is possible though as OpenROV advertised is a functional portal. The Insta360 one x has it’s own control app that if connected by wifi could show a preview and let you pan the camera view 360 degrees.


Woah! That’s great! Can I ask about the housing and mount?



I used a stick-on gopro mount on top of Trident attached to the insta360 dive case. Also had a safety lanyard back to the teather in case adhesive fails. Needed to move ballast weights forward and add a large galvanized washer in front. The underwater housing generates slight upward lift at medium speeds and noticeable lift at higher speeds. Haven’t compared to the gopro fusion 360 camera if that’s the one you’re talking about although some YouTube videos I saw show the Insta360 video looking better.


Thanks for your reply. I found it was possible to run data down the tether as functional portal too, there was a remark about available bandwidth allowing multiple video streams. I am working on installing android onto partition of a Panasonic Toughpad (using Windows 8.1 as main OS). If I can get GoPro App to run, then the next step is to try to communicate with the GoPro down the tether. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ll attach an image how how I mounted the GoPro case by bolting GoPro packaging to bottom of Trident


I would be very interested in your solution to run the Gopro preview connection for the app through the tether! I currently use the Nvidea Sheild K1 tablet for controlling Trident. I am also curious as to what point on Trident is the “signal pickup” location and does the Gopro need to be within a certain distance of this or is a small length of external antenna required to get a good signal to that spot.

Great solution to a mount! I’m currently working on a solution myself using some aluminum plate material. I’ll try to post it when it’s done as well.


Hi Matt, I have had some progress with my plan of running my GoPro remotely through the Trident wi-fi. Once successful I will post a list of instructions, but will tell you how it works so far.

Firstly, I have to operate the GoPro separately to the Trident controller, so I bought a Panasonic Toughpad. I partitioned the Toughpad hard-drive, and installed Windows 10 on one, and Android on the other. The GoPro App, which runs the GoPro remotely runs on Android. I tried an Android emulator, but that doesn’t work, mainly because does not allow Bluetooth connection. I used Android x86 (free download from here:
Once I had Android on my Toughpad, I installed the GoPro App. I am able to connect to the GoPro through wi-fi, and operate the camera remotely (including able to switch it on and off, important to save the battery, and to begin taking photos).

Now to connect to the camera through the Trident. I fire up the Trident controller and place the Trident in my bath with bathroom door closed, and the connected topside in another room.

I understand the wi-fi aerial is on the dorsal side of the Trident, so I turned it upside down. I put the GoPro in its water/pressure proof Supersuit, turn it on and set it to GoPro App connection, and place it with back to the aerial, so the camera is pointing straight up. Note that Eric says the Trident wi-fi has a range of ‘a couple of cm’s’ through water.

Now, this is where it’s experimental. I turn on the Toughpad, in proximity to the Topside. I connect it’s internet to the Trident, and then fire up the GoPro App. It may take several attempts, but I can see the ceiling of my bathroom through the camera and be able to control it.

I am unsure however, whether I am connecting to the camera through the Trident wi-fi or regular wi-fi. I still have to work out how to clarify this. I have then filled the bath with water, so that the level is just above the lens of the GoPro. I do get a signal to the Toughpad, but it sometimes loses connectivity with the camera.

So there’s where I am at at the moment. My thoughts are that it is unlikely my GoPro mount will keep the camera in range of the Trident Wi-Fi underwater. Eric may provide the solution with he 3D printed GoPro mount, which fastens the GoPro flush with Trident’s dorsal side. I plan to ask Eric about this soon.

Another thought I’ve had is benefit gained from attaching the Toughpad directly to the Topside via usb/lan. This might ensure connectivity and stability. I’ll need a usb to usb male to male, which I don’t have.

So that’s where I’m at so far.

Open to any ideas from people.

I’ll keep you in the loop with progress,


Thank you for the update! Keep me informed of you progress!