Insta360 One x - underwater camera


I just wanted to post some initial results using the Insta360 One x camera. Feel free to click and drag the screen as the video plays to see different views. Open this is Google Chrome for best results.


@balder.matt I like the idea of having a 360 view of the runs with the Trident. How deep can that camera go underwater?



I asked in another thread, 30m with the dive housing, with 60min run time. Cool camera!


@alaskasurf Thanks! I thought I had seen this talked about before. 30 meters is OK, but I really need something that would be safe to go deep than that. Lately I’m bringing the ROV down to that depth or more so it would be at risk. I’ll shop around for something else while I think over buy an Ista360.


Not sure if you have seen them, think I mentioned it in another thread, but Benthic and Golem Gear make deep rated GoPro cases.


@alaskasurf Thanks! I’ll check the cases out.


thats cool to see. bit murky environment, showing need for good lighting… which means more battery drain.
What depth was this taken at?


Thanks! Ya, it was a little churned up that day and I’m in the Pacific NW so 15’ vis is a Good day! That was around 15-20ft deep. Here are a few more to view. I would like to get some external lights eventually. I have been pleased with the LED lights on Trident but something a little more powerful externally would be interesting. I have also been checking out some ultraviolet (UV-365) lights for night diving.

Here are a few more to view.

UV light


How did you mount this? How does this camera compare with the Go Pro 3d?
nice video!