Inspection ROV for turbid water at port


Hi, I’m new at OpenROV forum, but I’ve read you for weeks, congratulations for such a great community.

I’m Pedro and I’m investigating within the objective of building an inspection rov for a port.

Water conditions are awful so my main concern is visibility.

From what I’ve seen, and from my lack of experience, I’m thinking about a set of external lights about 5500K and 1000 lumen. Moreover, I’ve also read that lights must be placed as far away from the camera as possible.

About the camera, I’m looking for a cctv camera, but I haven’t found too much information, is that a good option? What would you recommend me?

Do you think all this camera and lighting configuration would be enough? Has any of you tried in similar conditions?

I’ve heard something about a clarifying image element that is added to the camera or to the dome, but I’ve been able to find anything but digital filters such as (Any reference?)

Thank you in advance, Pedro.


Hi Pedro,

It’s not uncommon for visibility in a harbor or near shore to be very poor and is usually caused by a very high volume of suspended solids and bio organisms. If the visibility is poor ( a few meter or less) very bright lights may make it even worse. Unless the lights are placed properly (spaced as far apart as possible) too much light will reflect off the suspended particles and back to the camera.

The Lynn video system is basically a video post processor. I’ve accomplished something similar using RoboRealm ( ) but the results will depend on a number of factors and may not be sufficient for your purposes.

What you really need in poor visibility is sonar. I’m currently testing two different, relatively low cost sonars, the Garmin Panoptix multi-scan sonar and Imagenex model 852 scanning sonar. You can follow my progress on either my company’s website ( ) or Facebook page ( ).


Thank you for the prompty reply @Stretch.

First, sure, bright lights may make it even worse so a variable set of lights would be necessary.

About Lyyn and roborealm, could you share more information and tests about your roborealm project?

I think (I hope), visibility is not that poor so sonar is not needed, anycase, how is the movility of a rov that holds only on the sonar visor?


This will get you started with RoboRealm:

Navigation by sonar alone is a skill most qualified ROV pilots acquire. Newer technologies, such as real time scanning sonar, makes navigation in zero visibility relatively straightforward:


Thank you for the info, by the moment I’m not considering sonar so I’ll probably try with RoboRealm.