Inspection of chains in our harbour



Hi folks
I just wanted to share some experiences of my dives today. I tried to inspect the chains of the moorings in our harbour in the lake of Zuerich, Switzerland. It worked fine. the only problem is that the ROV is wobbling around a lot under water as soon as I give inputs for steering or depth. It is therefore very difficult to follow a chain from the ground to the surface. The same is true if I try to use my grabber topic up objects. It helps if I switch on the heading lock, but I have to Switch that on and off, to make minor corrections of the position. It would help a lot, if I could switch on heading hold and still be able to override that by manual input. Just as I am used to do with rc-airplanes and helcopters with a gyro. The same is true for depth hold.


Agreed. We have been calling that fly by wire, and it’s on the list for the next software release.