Inspection of a sunken boat in the lake in Russia's North-West


Here is a video of the Inspection of a sunken boat. The boat sunk in Aug of 2017 in a place which is rather hard to access (about 35 km from the nearest mobile phone tower). Three passengers happily survived on the island which is in ~1 km from the point where the boat sunk.

After we ( ) inspected by sidescanning sonar about 3 square km we finally got a chance to check the points which looked suspicious by Trident ROV. The dive was done from the ice (about 1 m thick) and the depth was 13 m, of course it was totally dark on the bottom.

Finally the boat was taken from the bottom and I guess will be used again :slight_smile:


Awesome video!
Do you have any pictures from the surface of the ice? Seeing you set up on the ice would fill in the picture of your expedition. :smiley:


You are absolutely right! I’ve just added some pictures to illustrate how it was :slight_smile:


That is the most satisfying line of photos and video I have ever seen. Lol. I’m very impressed.
I would never have expected to see the boat back above the water!


Thank you )
And finally - video of towing of the boat by a snowbike

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How did you attach the ropes to lift with? I noticed a big grapple hook too.

Any suggestions when using the Trident in the winter through the ice? I noticed you had a bottle of ‘de-icer’!

Thanks for sharing.


This is incredible!! There have been discussions on how to use Trident to put lines around objects for recovery. I wonder how helpful that sort of tool (or other tools) would be for you in this type of operation. Thank you for sharing!!! -Eric


Thank you for the comments!

Yes, we attached the ropes using that big hook which could be seen on the picture, totally there were tree hooks as I remember. To attach it we use a small underwater camera which also appears sometimes on a video.

“De-icer”… )) Well this kind of “de-icer” is so popular here )) especially when working in rather cold conditions for a long time. By the way this bottle of vodka was on the bottom with the boat for a 1 year 8 months and most probably it will be opened on 2nd anniversary of this shipwreck in Aug 2019 by the guys who was on the boat when it sunk.

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In this particular case we used hooks so I cannot say if the mentioned tools could be helpful. Probably yes, especially for the lighter and smaller objects.

The more important things while Trident is being used under the ice are the following:

  • the lack of light - using Trident’s LED you can see no more than only 2-3 meters. The additional light is absolutely required.

  • light sensitivity of the camera - we used marker light to navigate back to the hole in the ice and Trident could see it no more than in 3-4 meters while I could see the light via the hole even on the bottom (13 meters)

So the question to the OpenROV team - is it possible to control light sensitivity of the camera somehow? This option could be crucial for the cases when Trident is used in the dark.


Awesome video of the boat under the water! Great footage.