Inspecting broken mooring lines before sending divers to repair

video by @Armand_Svendsen


Hey @Armand_Svendsen, I like the video! I am curious as to how using the video changed or influenced your approach to fixing the mooring?


Hi Brian,

Nice that you like the video.
Basically a friend of mine asked if I could help him fix the mooring line for his boat that had snapped.
Since I’m scubadiving, this is not an unusual request.
I figured this was a good opportunity for the ROV to do some pre-survey before diving. This allowed me (and the boat owner) to inspect the damage prior to dive and assess what needed to be done. Planning the Scuba dive was now easier, since we now knew the status of the chain and mooring line, so that I could bring along the tools required. From a safety standpoint I also knew what was awaiting down there.
But last, but not least, it gave me an excuse to play with ROV for a while :slight_smile: It soon became the main attraction in the harbour that day. It was also the first time I tried it with the GoPro camera mounted on top, so I was curious to how that would turn out. As the video shows, it was slightly heavy to begin with, but once I removed some lead it was perfectly in balance. But the camera did disturb the driving a bit when speed picked up, not really a surprise. But all in all a successful dive. (Both with ROV and Scubagear)


Looks good. I’m going to try to attach a GoPro to my OpenROV, but I figured I would attach it in front of (and just below the Main Electronics tube. I anticipated that attaching it on top of the ROV would make it a bit top heavy and un-stable. I agree that having a pre-dive look with the ROV can make the dive much safer and more productive. Thanks for the video.


Hi Ronald, sounds exiting, let us know how it goes.
The stability of the ROV wasn’t too bad when going at slow speed or standing still, but the drag of the camera on top did cause unstability and a tendency to go upwards, as expected.
Thought about having the camera mounted further down, but figured it would interfere with onboard camera. Either that, or mount it under ROV, but then you just have the same problem again with instability, but opposite way…