Initial test of replacement battery tube end caps with large o-ring


I replaced the end-caps for the battery tubes for a 2.5 OROV with some newly fabricated ones that use a single larger o-ring. Even with the o-ring that helps apply counter pressure for the spring, the new end-cap protrudes past the battery tube. I'm posting in case others are doing similar replacements. I'll follow up on how I finally solve the issue (or on how it holds up if I go ahead and dive with it).


Hi Brian,

We have a similar problem. How did you solve it?

I'm thinking a smaller size o-ring (the one that applies counter pressure for the spring) may work.



Hello Remy,

This problem can be solved by using 2 or the large o-rings that span the entire length of the tube to provide more force to keep it closed. I believe there should have been some extra ones in your kit.

-Brian G.


Thanks for the suggestion Brian G.!