Initial Brainstorming


Here's the video from our first G+ Hangout for OpenROVs in education.


Here are links to some of the resources mentioned in the hangout:

Battery Source

Quadcopters, UAVs and OpenROV for Geosciences Imaging:

Inner Space Center:

OpenCV - Open Source Computer Vision:

Next Generation Science Standards:

Cape Eleuthera Institute:


A couple questions you asked, "What's this modules you speak of?" and "Does anyone integrate science and technology?" made me think of an engineering education program that is gaining ground in schools in Indiana called Project Lead the Way (PLTW). I use to teach several of their engineering courses. You might look at what they do in terms of module design and implementation of science and technology concepts within their curriculum. Unfortunately they are not opensource on their curriculum and would hunt me down if I posted their modules.


Hi David , can you tell me are there study courses, that I can do on line for free ,to fix and service ROV,"s thank you kind Sir Garry e mail