In need of parts for V2.3 Looking to buy spare parts


Hello Open ROV! I have a V2.3 sub rov and I'm wondering if you could help me in locating the remaining parts I need.

I've been looking at the BOM but McMaster's minimum order number for most items is way more than needed to build 1 ROV. I'm wondering if anyone has already ordered the parts and has extra parts they would be willing to sell.

I have all the acrylic apart from the Tube all the electronic mount in.
I have 3 motors, 3 ESC's, 3 Fans (waiting on the third to come in, the Beagle boards, the servo, and HD camera, and Servo


All gaskets every size

The battery spring terminals, end caps, and tubes that contain the batteries. As well as any hardware. (Everything for the battery tubes)

The nylon spacers for the motors

All hardware, screws/threaded rods/nuts

Main clear acrylic camera housing tube
( As far as the acrylic tube from what I see on the bomb all I can order is a 4 foot long tube of the stuff, I was wondering if you had any already cut to length. )

Circular end caps for main camera housing tube, as you can see I have all the other parts to make the end caps but not the circular parts with 2 holes drilled in them

This is the link to the BOM

If you can see any other parts I'm missing the information would be a great help. And even better if you have any extra parts lying around the shop, I'd be more than happy to pay. Send me a message.

I love the Open ROV Project and I'm always sure to spread the word about it! Im so excited to finish assembly and to finally be able to use my ROV.

Thank You


418-photo1.JPG (2.74 MB) 419-photo2.JPG (2.68 MB) 420-photo3.JPG (2.96 MB)


Hey Nathaniel,

Send me an email: and I'll try and round this stuff up for you.