IMU won't stay glued to ROV: OpenROV #3251



Hi Everyone,

I’ve only had this ROV in the water two weekends, and both times, the IMU has come unglued from the acrylic main structure. I used hotglue to secure it as per the instructions in step 11 of the IMU dozuki…

…but post-dive both times it had fallen off. This leaves me with all sorts of questions

  • Is there a specific brand of hot glue to use?
  • Do other glues work better? (e.g. superglue)
  • had anybody held the IMU in place with a zip tie?

I’d appreciate any advice on how to hold it in place. I haven’t tried piloting by IMU yet because I don’t think it would work if the thing is not attached to the ROV

I can't get the IMU working

I didn’t bother with hot glue, i just used a bit of epoxy and electrical tape to hold it down as it dried… the use of hot glue is kind of a non permeant way of securing but realistically your not going to remove it so…


OK, I’m going to try a different glue, then


This is the exact reason we recommend using hot glue. If people need to remove the sensor if it is damaged, or upgrade to a different sensor later on, we wanted to keep the options open for the user.


OK, that’s an understandable reason for using hot glue…now, how can I keep the IMU stuck to the ROV if I use hot glue? Would my zip tie idea work?



I would try and make sure both of the surfaces are thoroughly clean. Then try the hot glue again. I have no problems using hot glue on my ROV. Just press down and make sure there is a good bond.


Any suggestions to unglue the IMU 1 glued with superglue ?


acetone will dissolve superglue. I’m just not sure if it will also mar the ROV


There is a product called Un-Cure which removes superglue. It is great stuff but can leave a white discoloration on the clear plastic.