IMU software Setup on 2.5/2.6 ROV



There might be a spot for this already but I wanted to write a quick note sharing my experience getting the IMU to work. When trying to get mine to work I didn't find a solution quickly so maybe this will help!

1) Put latest image on I believe...

2) ssh into device (rov/OpenROV)

3) change/opt/openrov/arduino/OpenROV/Adevice.h config

rov@OpenROV:/$ sudo vi /opt/openrov/arduino/OpenROV/AConfig.h

enter OpenROV password again

change the following ("i" for edit mode!)

#define HAS_MS5803_14BA (0)
#define MS5803_14BA_I2C_ADDRESS 0x76
#define HAS_MPU9150 (0)


#define HAS_MS5803_14BA (1)
#define MS5803_14BA_I2C_ADDRESS 0x76
#define HAS_MPU9150 (1)

save with ":wq"

Go back to the OpenROV cockpit and re-upload the arduino code from the beagle bone.

IMU should be good to go now!


Hi Matthew,

i'll wire my IMU tonight i guess. See how it works. i'll definatly post my experience with it.

I started a forum post a few days ago.

I am still thinking of a good position for the sensor set. Where did you mount your IMU/Depth?



Hey Tobias,

I've been mounting the IMU/Depth sensor up against the under-side of the Top Plate as far forward as I can get it. It would be easier to mount the sensor to the shell of the ROV, but then it would be more challenging to take the shell off. I use the double sided adhesive that came with the ESCs.

I just posted a short instruction set on how to build the IMU/Depth Sensor Module on Dozuki, but I still need to add instructions for how to wire and mount it to the ROV. Hopefully, though, this is enough information to help you move forward!



After writing that last bit, I just saw the photos in your forum post- that's exactly what I've been doing!

I love seeing the photos of this stuff- keep us posted with how it goes!



i was waiting for this kind of guide. Even though the connection of the sensor is nearly self-explaining it shows best practice. Thanks!

The guide seems to be some kine of hidden on

I cant see any link to it. Might be difficult for others to find who do not stumble over this blog post



About ready to get back to the build - Season's Greetings everybody!

Just did a quick "curiosity test" re: IMU location relative to motors. I placed the longitudinal axis of a motor parallel to the needle of a magnetic compass that was stable and pointing north. Turning the motor shaft slowly by hand I was able to deflect the compass needle. The bad news is I was able to cause a noticeable deflection when the the two centres (compass & motor) were 5 inches apart. Any thoughts on just how far from the motor magnets the IMU should be would be greatly appreciated!