IMU not working


Previously I had tested my IMU/Depth sensor and found that the depth sensor was working correctly and had some initialization problems with the imu. Switching the primary address was able to fix the initialization problem. I saw that the IMU was giving some values, but didn't check if they were correct.

I got a new arduino mega pro board. I also got the new openrov software from github with the imu addresses bug fixed. The imu gets initialized alright. After the first few seconds, the roll, pitch, yaw values stabilize to a certain point and never change after that. The point it stabilizes to changes each time I reset the board. Once these values stabilize, the don't change even after repeatedly moving the imu.

Is my IMU defective? Or am I missing something?

I have attached a picture of my setup. I have an arduino mega pro (5V) connected to my laptop through ftdi. Since the IMU needs 3.3 V, I am using Raspberry Pi 3.3V GPIO pin instead of the 5V VCC of the Arduino mega pro board. The SCA and SCL pins are connected to the Arduino mega pro. All grounds are connected together.