IMU Location?


Where exactly are people mounting the IMU for good results? I thought mounting near the motors causes interference.

What method are you using to mount it (i.e. acrylic cement or something less permanent)?

I would appreciate any suggestions.


Hi Maureen,

This is how we have it attached in the office. According to Eric, the IMU assumes its in this orientation. Acrylic cement was used to attach the IMU to the internal structure.

Hope this is helpful!



Cool - thanks!


Yikes. There appear to be two different preferred orientations at OROV HQ, then. All of my IMUs are mounted with the wires on the aft side, not forwards. When I asked about this about a month ago, it seemed as if that's how all the pre-built ones were being assembled.

See this forum post.

Hmm. Time to expand the Dozuki guide for the IMU.....




Any plans of making a "glue-spot" on the acrylic so people know where to Mount it?

Could be a thin marking on the acryllic by milling even with the showing the openings of the IMU

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I recommend using hot glue at the moment as we dial in everything with mounting the IMU. Turns out that if mounted in the same plane as the magnetic field from a motor and within about 4 inches, we are seeing significant chatter on the magnetometer. For now, the 2.5 software has the mag disabled, so it does not matter, but in the future we intend to re-enable the compass!



Correction: after discussing with others, this is the correct orientation. The picture I uploaded earlier is incorrect and I don't know where that ROV is now.

So correct orientation is wires towards the back, vents toward the front.

Hopefully this clarifies some confusion.