IMU installation instruction help? SSH?


OK I am feeling really stupid right now but I am oh so close to making my first dive. I have built the IMU and installed. Step 7 bullet 4 states, "you can access this file via SSH." I can almost see some of you cringing right about now so please be kind... :) What is SSH and how do I get here?

Thanks, Jim M.



If you have Release Candidate 2 or 3 installed for your Cockpit, you should be good to go as the IMU is already enabled in those versions.

SSH stands for Secure Shell. It's basically a way of logging into another computer(BeagleBone Black in this case)...from another computer (your laptop). With the inclusion of the Cloud9 IDE, SSH is kinda irrelevant because you can just make all the changes in the IDE without having to worry about SSHing and learning how to navigate via command prompts.

I was having a hard time understanding all the programming too, so I picked up the Programming book by Simon Monk and I have a pretty good understanding now. Programming BeagleBone Black


Kevin, thanks. I was successful!......and the book is on order :)