IMU/Depth sensor instructions


Are there instructions posted for assembling the IMU/depth sensor unit?


There sure are! You can find them on or just click here:



for some reason the dozuki page does not recognise me so I have had to post here


Have installed IMU and am trying to convince rob to recognise it
No experience of programming here so pardon the ignorance. I managed to navigate my way to where you change the '0's to '1's in the Beaglebone programming but cannot figure how to save. Typing ^X seems to do nothing and exiting Terminal (I use Mac OSX) didn't help, on going back in figures had reverted. So close to getting my ROV wet so would be very grateful if you can illuminate me. Everything else works - yay!! - which came as a surprise to me (first time I have ever done something like this) but is a testament to the skill of you guys at OpenROV in designing a great tool.


Once you ssh'd in to the rov type:

sudo pico /opt/openrov/arduino/OpenROV/AConfig.h

The sudo will give you the overwrite permissions needed to save the file. ^x should now prompt you to save on exit. Press Y and press enter to keep the same file name.


Hi Brian

unfortunately ^x does nothing. It just sits there and does not offer me a save option. It actually appears as type - is that supposed to happen or should it just take me to exit?

Thanks for your help


have attached screenshot

681-ScreenShot20140420at4.39.20pm.png (52.6 KB)


Hey Nick,

I apologize in advance if this is too basic...

Lets make sure there is not a miscommunication. When it says "^x" that means press the [control] key and [x] key's at the same time.



Thanks - I need basic!!! I am on a learning cliff rather than a learning curve!! Did not realise ^ meant control. Will give that a go tomorrow. Thank you for your help. Loving this community, folk are really helpful.


thanks Brian - success