IMU/ Depth Sensor Implementation



Hello, I’m a college student currently working on a ROV project. I’m working with the OpenROV IMU module, and I don’t know much about this. I’m new to the use of this sensor. I could manage to do some testing with an arduino code. All I could get was raw data. Now I want to implement this data into our ROV. One of my team partner is designing a GUI in java and what I want for the moment is to get the compass data (make it look like some compass arrow maybe) into the GUI. How can I do this? I’ve searched and all I can found is GUI’s programmed in python but I got no idea on how to maybe implement those GUI into ours. Some helped to get started will be really appreciated.



Welcome to OpenROV,

you can look at the entire OpenROV code at github. Maybe you can find some help in the implementation of the IMU in the OpenROV. The magnetic data is also displayed in an java environment like a compass.