IMU Contact Test


Hello Everyone,

I recently did the v2.6 end cap upgrade which required rebuilding the main wire bundle. I cannot read data from the IMU. When I did contact testing all the IMU pins on the DB-25 connector read as a shorted circuit. Is this normal for the IMU or did something go horribly wrong somewhere?


Sounds like something went horribly wrong. If the pins are all shorted together, then if you install the IMU you'll be shorting out the ROV +3.3V power system, which will bring down the rest of the ROV as well. It probably won't do any permanent damage to the rest of the ROV, though I wouldn't leave it this way for an extended period of time.

Reading this makes me realize that, on the next revision of the Controller Board (2.7), I should put a polyfuse on the 3.3 V supply running out the endcap, so that a short-circuit there doesn't bring down the rest of the ROV.



Exactly what happened to me during build & initial boot. Resistance over GND/+3.3 was zero and the board didn't boot. At one point this fried the BBB although its unclear if that was me or the ROV.....