IMU Air Pocket Fix


I have completed the epoxy pour for the ROV and all went fairly smoothly. The IMU Depth Sensor however has a large air pocket I would like to repair (as opposed to risking it violently shattering at depth)

My thoughts are to drill 2 holes through the Lexan into the air pocket. Inject epoxy into the one hole while allowing the air and eventually epoxy to escape the other hole. See the picture.

Anyone care to share their thoughts and opinions on this as a possible fix? I would appreciate the feedback.


I guess the question I would ask myself, if I were in the same situation is this: " Do the risks of performing the procedure outweigh the risks of catastrophic failure of the IMU case?" I believe that drilling holes in the IMU case and then injecting epoxy could be accomplished. However, there is a risk that you might damage the circuit board in the process of drilling.

On the other hand, the air pocket you show here is really quite small and you would probably have to go quite deep to see a pressure differential great enough to shatter the IMU case at that point.

If it were me, unless there is some other obvious flaw that would allow water to migrate in to the IMU circuit board, I’d just operate it “as is.”