Improving daylight readability for the Trident Controller



There have been a lot of discussions about the difficulties of seeing a piloting screen in direct sunlight. While truely daylight readable screens do exist, they’re often very expensive and not as practical for taking out into the field for a quick deployment. Some people have also used FPV goggles that plug into the HDMI output of their controller, but those can also be troublesome when you need to look away from the screen often, or when you’re on a boat (which can make you nauseous extremely quickly!)

We’ve done a little bit of experimentation with ways to improve the visibility of our Trident controller screen using off-the-shelf products, and I wanted to post about the best we’ve found so far. Special thanks to @Zack for the help with this research. Please feel free to comment with your own experiences and ideas!

In general, there were two types of equipment we’ve tried for improving daylight readability: matte “anti-glare” screen covers, and screen shades. We found that while either provide improvements to readability in most conditions alone, using both a matte screen cover and a screen shade in tandem produced the best results because the shade kept it dark around the screen and the matte cover prevented glare from reflections of illuminated things outside the shade (such as the pilot’s face and background).

Cutting to the chase about which products we found fit/worked the best, here are links to our favorite matte screen cover and screen shade for the JXD Trident Controller:

Matte Screen
After testing all the different options, we thought the best results were with the 25% glare reduction - high definition (MXH) option. For the Trident controller, you’ll want dimensions of Width: 168mm (Exact), and Height: 106mm (Exact), and square corners.

Screen Shade
Note that there were plenty of others that also worked pretty well. None of them fit perfectly, but this one seemed to do the best.

Here are some images of the complete set up we ended up putting together:

I hope this is helpful to people, and please post your own experiences!




Nice finds and well documented.



I’ve tried various displays with my Mavic Pro drone and the only one I’ve found that works very well in full sunlight is the DJI CrystalSky Ultra Monitor which has a 2,000 nit rating. But it’s pricey. I’d like to eventually work up an arrangement with this monitor some generic controller for my Trident.


That amazon link appears to be a dead end right now.

This one seems like a good replacement though I haven’t ordered this one specifically but looks like the same thing.